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in Polishing Benches, Skives and Associated Goods
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Coborn Planetary Skive Bench for Diamond Faceting & Polishing

Coborn Planetary Skive (Scaif) Bench for Faceting and Polishing single-crystal diamond (SCD).  Equipped with 24x36 inch table, 3-phase fixed speed spindle, and an additional planetary motion functionality.

  • Engineered to polish and/or finish single-crystal diamond (SCD) materials including cutting tools, gemstones, and substrates for scientific research.
  • Planetary motion can improve diamond removal rates, polished surface finish, and/or edge quality especially on difficult-to-polish SCD (CVD, HPHT, or Natural).  The relative motion of the wheel and SCD workpiece also minimizes uneven wear of "tracks" in the ferrous skive wheel/plate.
  • The system design offered can be operated with or without planetary motion.
  • Refurbishment includes a new charcoal gray laminated top applied to a thick steel tabletop. 
  • Goods to be sold in tested, refurbished condition with a limited warranty to ensure functionality. 
  • PHOTO NOTE: The unit shown in the attached images has been sold.  However, refurbishment of a similar Coborn unit is nearing completion as of 10/31/2017.  Photos of actual unit offered can be provide prior to sale.
Coborn Planetary Skive Bench for Diamond Faceting & Polishing
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Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Coborn
Model PS1 (PS-1)
Description Planetary Scaif Bench for SCD Polishing & Faceting
Platen Diameter 13.00  in  (33.02 cm)
Platen Material Ferrous Skive wheel
Power Head 
  Model Coborn
  Spindle Speed Minimum 0 RPM
  Spindle Speed Maximum 3400 RPM
  Motor Horsepower 1  HP
  • One used skive wheel [ferrous metal plate] to be included with each skive bench in addition to 4 table mounted fixtures.
  • Tangs and other polishing-related fixtures may be available at additional cost with skive bench purchase.
Other Information 
  • Testing: Testing and demonstration possible at Cline Innovations Leominster, MA location.
  • Nominal Tabletop Size (plate size may vary slightly from bench-to-bench): 35-7/8" width (911mm) X 23-7/8" (606mm) depth.
  • Nominal Bench Size including frame, but excluding height of leveling feet: 33.25" (845mm) height X 36.5" width (927mm) X 24.5" (622mm) depth.
  • Skive Wheel Diameter: Diameter varies. Most plates in current inventory are 13.25" diameter or larger.
  • Spindle Specs: 220V, 60Hz, 3.3Amps, 3400RPM, 0.75kVA.
  • Planetary Drive Power: The 3-phase planetary drive requires additional power (beyond 0.75kVA) which draws from the same A/C line.
  • Variable Speed Option: These goods are wired for fixed-speed operation.  Integration of a variable speed drive for the 3-phase spindle can be considered at added cost.
Power Requirements 208 V     60 Hz     3¬†Phase
Condition Very Good
Shipping  Weight lb  kg