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Your Independent Source for CVD Diamond Equipment
Cline Innovations is your independent source for R&D and production-scale process equipment for the growth and processing of CVD diamond materials. Our pre-owned, refurbished equipment inventory spans the range from key components to fully integrated, turn-key systems. Our offering includes, but is not limited to, MPCVD & HFCVD systems, microwave generators, pyrometers, gas cabinets, polishing benches, and process water chillers.
We recognize the technical and financial challenges that diamond CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) technology presents to academic researchers, synthetic diamond producers, industrial start-ups, and diamond product integrators. Cline Innovations' offering of pre-owned equipment and associated know-how & services can help you reduce costs and increase your probability of success.
Please contact us today to confidentially discuss your interests.
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Other Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment

Plasma Etch, PVD and Other Vacuum Systems

Microwave Generators and Process Power Delivery

Vacuum Instrumentation, Chambers, Pumps, etc.

Gas/Reactant Generation and Delivery

Diamond Polishing and Finishing

Lasers and Related Equipment

Facilities Equipment (Chillers, HVAC, Electrical)

Testing, Measurement, Analysis and Laboratory

Other Items and Mixed Lots of Equipment

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