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Holaday Microwave Survey Meter HI-1501

Holaday Microwave Survey Meter, Model number HI-1501, for 2450MHz.  Manufactured by ETS-Lindgren.

This Holaday HI-1501 survey meter comes in a portable, compact case.  The instrument is acceptable to the US Gov't Center for Devices and Radiological Health for compliance testing of microwaves and to all major microwave manufacturers for testing microwaves in use and after repair. 

Comes with manual and carrying case, and has been tested. The detection probe and meter amplifier are calibrated as a unit and serves all three 2450MHz ranges:  2, 10, and 100 mW/cm2.
Holaday Microwave Survey Meter HI-1501
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Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Lindgren
Model Holaday HI-1501
Description Holaday Microwave Survey Meter, HI-1501
Accessories Comes complete with manual and rugged carrying case.
Year of Manufacture 2015
Condition Like New