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Item ID: 138488

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Large Volume UHV Vacuum Chamber with Sturdy Frame

Large Volume UHV Vacuum Chamber with Sturdy Frame
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Model UHV Instruments
Part Description 
  • Stainless steel, metal-sealed chamber engineered for high vacuum applications.
  • Previously used for ECR (electron cyclotron resonance) microwave plasma research.

SCALE REFERENCE: Open flange on left side of chamber in Image 2 is an 8" ConFlat.

Please see images & other details in PDF posted under "Extended Description". 

Other Information 

Cline Innovations may be in a position to offer other vacuum goods which can be used with this system including roughing pump/blower & turbo pump options.

If you are interested in this chamber for ECR-related work, please contact us for information regarding available ECR electromagnets, etc.

Extended Description  Details at Large UHV Chamber V.2.pdf