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in HFCVD, HWCVD and Other CVD Tools
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HFCVD System for CVD Diamond and Related Materials

  • Hot Filament CVD system engineered for CVD Diamond growth on a 4 inch (~100mm) rotary platen.
  • Previously used for commercial R&D of polycrystalline CVD diamond materials.
  • 4-inch system design offers excellent potential for diamond, CNTs & related nanomaterials processing for both R&D and/or production.
    • NOT intended or marketed for single-crystal diamond gemstone growth.
  • Related 12-inch (~300mm) production-scale diamond HFCVD equipment is also available. 

4-inch HFCVD system design employs a 2-zone vertically-oriented filament array with independent controls for each zone. Rotary stage maximizes deposition uniformity. External substrate manipulation enables substrate-to-filament distance control. Refractory metal filaments can operate at >2000C and enable thermal decomposition of H2 and hydrocarbons into activated species.

Cline Innovations intends to coordinate reintegration/refurbishment of this system with updated controls and interlocks.  Reintegration will likely include PLC process monitoring, LCD display, pneumatic controls, and other features.  Tailoring of design to meet customer needs may be possible. 

HFCVD System for CVD Diamond and Related Materials
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Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Description HFCVD Deposition System
Other Information 
  • Domestic sale within the USA is preferred.
  • Please don't hesitate to contact Cline Innovations to confidentially discuss your research or industrial application interests.
  • Cline Innovations offers experience with CVD diamond technology dating back to 1989.
Power Requirements      3¬†Phase
Refurbished YES