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Item ID: 184839

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Sandvik Milling Head RA285.2-355 (16 inserts)

  • Large diameter, 16-cutter, Sandvik Milling Head with Shipping/Storage Case.
  • Like New Condition!  No clear indications of use.
  • Approximate diameter is 14-inches so I assume "355" means 355mm nominal cutting diameter.
  • Procured for R&D use, but never used as intended.
  • I recall that the intended R&D use was simulation of automotive engine deck-face machining operations.  However, other machining operations are also possible.
Sandvik Milling Head RA285.2-355 (16 inserts)
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Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Sandvik
Model RA 285.2-355-20
Description 16-insert Milling Head
Condition Like New
  • 16pcs removable insert shims/seats which hold milling inserts. 
  • 16pcs removable wedges.
  • We likely have record of insert type required.  Please request, if needed.
  • 2 keys which fit shim and wedge mounting screws.
Other Information 
  • Consumable cutting tool inserts not included.
  • Milling head is labeled RA285.2-355.
  • Case is labeled RA285.2-355-20.
  • 16 shims/seats (with insert pockets) are labeled 285.2-342.  These shims/seats/cartridges are listed for $58.10 each at
  • Shim/Seats may be engineered for 75-degree positive cutting (to be verified). 
  • Wedges are not marked, but we can work to verify/measure specification.  Similar wedges (285.2-216 and 285.2-218) are listed for $19.22 each at