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in Microwave and RF Generators
Item ID: 213180

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ASTeX AX2518 SmartPower Microwave Power Supply

  • Used switching power supply for use in ASTeX 1.8kW SmartPower magnetron head.
  • Cline Innovations maintains a microwave test bench and has experience testing 3.0kW ASTeX MKS SmartPower goods.  Unfortunately, we do not have the full set of compatible components necessary to test this 1.8kW power supply type.
  • Testing at Cline Innovations using compatible goods (including 1.8kW magnetron head) supplied by the Buyer can be considered!
  • Goods can be sold with a limited warranty.
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 2
Manufacturer Astex
Model AX2518
Description Switching supply for 1.8kW MW generator set
Rated Power Output 1800 Watts
Minimum 180.00
Maximum 1,800.00
Frequency 2.45
Scale GHz
Panel Meters Digital
External Cooling Water Cooled
Other Information 
  • 7.0''H x 19''W x 23''L
  • 200/208 VAC ±10%, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz
Exterior Dimensions 
  Width 19.000  in  (48.3 cm)
  Depth 23.000  in  (58.4 cm)
  Height 7.000  in  (17.8 cm)