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Item ID: 117829

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Linde,Spectra Gases 3-Bottle Gas Cabinet with 206C Shutdown Controller

  • Model 206-C Spectra Gases PLC Control with spares available.
  • Multi Gas Controller set up with two HF transmitters, but other gas options exist from Linde.
  • Removable gas panels equipped with both F2 Premix and inert regulators.
  • Past use for excimer laser in semiconductor industry.
  • Limited controller and sensor/actuator testing has been performed.
Linde,Spectra Gases 3-Bottle Gas Cabinet with 206C Shutdown Controller<br>
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Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 6
Manufacturer Spectra Gases
Description 3 Bottle Gas Cabinets
  • 206-C shutdown controller.
  • Multi Gas Controller with 2 HF readouts.
  • 2 HF detectors/transmitters including daily Auto-Test functionality.
  • Spectra Gases regulator panel(s) for F2 premix.
  • Shutdown interlocks for F2 premix including UHP pneumatic line (NC) and magnetic FV4-VR4 flow valve.
  • Spectra Gases regulator panel(s) for inert gases.
  • Exhaust flow interlock.
  • Sprinkler head (un-used to date).
  • Bottle mounting hardware and straps.
  • Filtered make-up air vents.
  • Lockable doors(s) and flaps(2).
  • Related documentation and manuals.
  • Spare parts, as negotiated.
Other Information 
  • Original specification for inert panels includes Argon, Helium, Xenon, Krypton, and Rare Gas (excimer).
  • All/most panels include purge bypass and other features.
Condition Very Good