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in Silicon Etchers
Item ID: 165893

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PlasmaQuest Microwave-ECR Plasma etch system

  • PlasmaQuest high density plasma etch tool equipped with 6-inch load lock.
  • Unique combo of permanent magnet and electromagnets for ECR (Electron Cyclotron Resonance) ECR-enhancement of microwave plasma.
  • ECR operation in mTorr pressure range yields large area plasma processing capability for planar and low profile parts.
  • Stage height adjustment range relative to core plasma activation volume enables high levels of ECR process enhancement (species activation).
  • Originally equipped with 1000W Astex microwave delivery system (AX2110 or equivalent), but higher input power may be viable.
  • System can be offered "as is" to experienced buyers.
  • Full refurbishment for etch and/or PECVD processing can be considered.
  • Configured with 2 modules including power & controls rack and vacuum module.
  • Computer controller may function, but upgrade is recommended and should be possible.
PlasmaQuest Microwave-ECR Plasma etch system
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Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer PlasmaQuest
Model 6" Load-Lock
Wafer Size Range 
  Maximum 150 mm
Process Etch, PECVD potential
  Loadlock Yes/No YES
Number of Gas Inputs Eight Gas