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in Pyrometers and Other Thermal Analysis Equipment
Item ID: 141147

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Williamson Pyrometer, Dual Wavelength (2-color), Pro 80 Series

  • Cline Innovations has an inventory of sturdy pre-owned pyrometers from Williamson.
  • Suitable for hydrogen-based plasma applications (such as diamond MPCVD) or more traditional furnace or oven applications.

    This listing includes details of one the Williamson pyrometers that we have in inventory:

--Pyrometer Model: Williamson PRO 82-40
--Temperature Range: 475-1475C
--Field of View: 0.15in@15in (3.81mm@381mm)
--Pyrometer Device Power: 24VDC
--Pyrometer Housing: Rugged, sealed metal casting.
--Model 23 Interface Module (Controller) with advanced functions.

The sensor measurement range (nominally 2 micron IR) is suitable for pyrometry of surfaces exposed to light-emitting hydrogen plasmas (e.g. Diamond MPCVD processes, etc.).  Use for traditional high temperature applications including vacuum brazing, heat treatment, and furnacing is also viable.

Williamson Pyrometer, Dual Wavelength (2-color), Pro 80 Series
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Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Model PRO 82-40 Sensor, Model 23 Interface Module
Description Complete, tested pyrometry unit with warranty.
Accessories Pyrometer mounting & positioning hardware shown in images may be available at an added cost.
Other Information 90-260VAC 50/60Hz, set up for 110V single phase.

Cline Innovations offers academic and industrial experience with pyrometry with a focus on pyrometers used for hydrogen-based plasma processing.
Condition Very Good