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in Plasma Equipment Subsystems, Waveguides, etc.
Item ID: 165710

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Astex Water-Cooled Dummy Load for use with 1.5kW systems

  • Astex (MKS Instruments) dummy load equipped with WR284 waveguide and 3/8" Swagelok SS adaptors.
  • Female pipe-threaded design minimizes wear and tear common to older generation Astex dummy loads.
  • New, surplus goods may be available.
Astex Water-Cooled Dummy Load for use with 1.5kW systems
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Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Astex
Model Model LS or Equivalent/Substitute
Description Dummy Load for 1.5kW systems
Other Information 

Power Rating to be confirmed prior to sale.  However, specs are likely to be as follows:
1.) 500W continuous, 
2.) 1500W intermittent (30 seconds max).

Dummy loads of this general design are used on microwave generator sets with >1500W forward power.  However, such use should only be considered in applications with known reflected power behaviour or interlocked power limits.

Cline Innovations offers experience with Astex components dating back to 1989.