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in Plasma Equipment Subsystems, Waveguides, etc.
Item ID: 165746

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Astex (AMAT) 3kW SmartMatch Tuner

  • 3-stub automated WR284 3-stub waveguide tuner is engineered for SmartPower microwave generators.
  • Repair required:  Although this tuner is in great physical condition, the unit failed to progress to a "Ready" status on the LED indicator during January 2019 tests. 
  • Repair should be possible. One option is to coordinate MKS factory repair in conjunction with the sale.
Astex (AMAT) 3kW SmartMatch Tuner
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Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer MKS Instruments, Inc
Model FI20166 (3750-01147)
Description AMAT TUNER 1/4-GUIDE WL 2.45GHZ 3KW 3-STUB.
  • Other associated components are not included.  However, the items shown (or equivalent) may be available including Precision Power Detector, cables, etc. 
Year of Manufacture 2000