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in Plasma Equipment Subsystems, Waveguides, etc.
Item ID: 184653

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FI20170 Water-Cooled Circulator with Integrated Coupler

  • This offer is for a used water-cooled circulator with integrated directional coupler for use on AMAT and/or Ulvac OEM equipment.  
  • Goods may also be compatible with Astex subsystems for non-OEM applications.  Please contact Cline Innovations for more information.
FI20170 Water-Cooled Circulator with Integrated Coupler
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Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Astex
Model FI20170 (0760-01028) AMAT Ulvac
Description 3-way Water-Cooled Circulator
  • Fittings necessary to adapt from NPT pipe thread water-cooled circulator ports to 3/8" Swagelok may be available upon request.