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Astex AX6500 Bottom-launch Diamond Growth System

  • This in-stock equipment is offered for domestic sale within the USA only. 
  • Microwave Plasma CVD (MPCVD) "Clamshell" diamond deposition system designed & produced by Astex.
  • Capable of high rate single-crystal diamond (SCD) homoepitaxy as well as growth of polycrystalline, nanocrystalline (NCD or UNCD).
  • System is in the process of being refurbished with a majority of refurbishment already completed with the focus on improved purity, process control, and system safety:
    • Chamber cleaning,
    • Computer control updates,
    • Higher throughput water cooling subsystem,
    • Replacement of selected o-ring components with metal seals, and
    • Enhanced process control/monitoring devices.
  • The AX6500 employs a unique, bottom-launched microwave plasma apparatus rated for up to 8kW of 2.45GHz microwave input.
  • Top-loaded, water-cooled aluminum chamber with water-cooled stage. Copper stage is typically shielded with special fixtures during plasma processing.
  • Photo Note: System photo shown include a similar quality, similar vintage system sold in the past.  Actual photos or inspection available to qualified customers only.
Astex AX6500 Bottom-launch Diamond Growth System
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Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Astex
Model AX6500 "Clamshell" MPCVD
Description Computer-controlled system for crystalline diamond growth
  • This system can be customized to meet customer needs and preferences.  Please contact Cline Innovations for details.
Other Information 
  • The "Astex clamshell" MPCVD platform is still supported and widely used in both industry & academia.
    • This MPCVD platform has been widely studied worldwide, effectively yielding know-how available through peer-reviewed literature, etc.
    • Used (pre-owned) Astex systems of this type are very rare in the used marketplace.  This is the 3rd system of this type offered by Cline Innovations since the year 2000.
  • Cline Innovations strongly prefers to sell this reintegrated system to a US-based academic or industrial customer. 
Refurbished YES
Condition Very Good