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in Plasma Equipment Subsystems, Waveguides, etc.
Item ID: 203295

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ASTEX 90-degree Waveguide Elbow

  • Waveguide elbow with 90-degree bend.
  • Aluminum component with black orange-peel paint commonly used on ASTEX goods.
  • 1 of 2 flanges has threaded holes which accept 1/4-20 bolts.
  • 4 images attached show the condition of one of used parts.
  • On-site microwave testing may be possible upon request.
ASTEX 90-degree Waveguide Elbow
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Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 3
Manufacturer MKS Instruments, Inc
Model FI20608, Fl20608
Description 90-degree microwave waveguide elbow
Condition Very Good