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in Plasma Equipment Subsystems, Waveguides, etc.
Item ID: 203376

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National Electronics WR340TunerA

  • One used unit available in inventory.  Unit is functional, but one or more precision dials need to be replaced before shipment.
  • Actual unit may vary from one shown in photos.  We had 2 of these unit in stock, but only one is left in inventory.
  • From National Electronics documentation: "...can be used to develop an impedance in the waveguide that is the reciprocal of the impedance of the applicator.  The sum of the two impedances is then seen by the power source as a matched load."
  • At 2450MHz:
    • VSWR:  from 1 to 5
    • Power:  3kW
    • Waveguide type:  WR340
National Electronics WR340TunerA
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Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer National Electronics
Description 3 stub tuner
Condition Very Good