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in Mass Flow Controllers - Gas
Item ID: 213085

Offered 1 Offered at $ 1,200.00

MKS 247D 4-Channel Power Supply and Readout

  • New with original foam-lined box.
  • Unit to be sold with a 90-day limited warranty. 
  • Tested only to confirm that the unit powered up as expected and display is functional. 
MKS 247D 4-Channel Power Supply and Readout
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Unit Price $ 1,200.00
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer MKS Instruments, Inc
Model 247D, 247
Description MKS Type 247D Readout & Controller
  • A compatible A/C cable can be provided with purchase, if requested by customer.
  • A PDF manual can be provided at time of purchase.
Other Information 
  • Per MKS website, the list price for this item was $1995 USD as of September, 2022.  See .
  • Domestic Sale within the USA strongly preferred. 
  • Fees may apply if export is considered.  Export controls apply.  
  • Goods will be double-boxed for impact protection during shipment.
Power Requirements 115 V     50/60 Hz     1¬†Phase
CE Marked YES
Condition New-Never Used
Exterior Dimensions 
  Width 9.500  in  (24.1 cm)
  Depth 10.500  in  (26.7 cm)
  Height 3.500  in  (8.9 cm)