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in Microwave and RF Generators
Item ID: 225956

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Astex 2.5kW switching microwave generator set

  • The complete tested, refurbished 2.5kw microwave generator set includes:
    • 19-inch rack-mounted switching power supply equipped with both local (front panel) and remote (computer) control functionality.
    • Water-cooled 2.5kW magnetron head with variable output.
    • Water-cooled 3-way circulator.
    • All interconnecting cables for the above components.
  • Operational and ready to ship with relatively short lead-time. 
  • Limited warranty can be considered depending on the application.
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Astex
Model 2.5kW
Rated Power Output 2500 Watts
Frequency 2,450.00
Scale MHz
Panel Meters Digital
External Cooling Water Cooled
Power Requirements 208 V     60 Hz     3¬†Phase