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GV600F GV600 

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in Vacuum Pumps

Edwards Drystar GV600 Dry Pump with Aerzen Roots Blower GLB.15.11 HV-07 :

--Large capacity BOC Edwards GV600F Drystar dry mechanical pump.
--Aerzen GLB.15.11 HV-07 roots blower.
--Please see attached documentation.


The design of the Edwards GV dry pumps is based on the well-proven claw technology for dry pumps. Two pairs of claw shaped rotors on two shafts rotate in opposite directions to trap and compress the pro­cess gas which flows along the axis of the shafts between the claw pairs.

During each complete rotation of the claws, first the inlet port of each claw pair is exposed (to admit gas to the pump), then both the inlet and outlet are isolated (to trap and compress the gas), and then the outlet is exposed (to expel the compressed gas). The claw mechanism offers the following features:

•Dry operation, non contact mechanism
•Self valving - the pump can deliver to atmospheric pressure
•Short gas path - better particulate handling
•Staged compression - efficient power use
•High process temperature - excellent water vapor handling

Low vacuum bearings (at the exhaust stage of the pump) are protected from the process stream by a unique gas-purged shaft-seal. Compressed air is fed to the shaft seals which prevents the ingress of process contaminants, including gases, vapors and particulates.

Low cost of ownership
GV pumps can offer real cost of ownership savings. The GV pumps are robust and reliable, delivering a reduction in process downtime which would lead to lost production. In addition, the minimized cost of routine maintenance (such as oil and filter replacement, spares inventory holding and oil disposal) all adds to the savings using GV dry pumps. With service intervals of 18 months for re-greased bearings and 3 years for bearing changes, the GV pumps offer a highly reliable and cost effective alternative to piston pumps.


MV Products  

340050 400935 

List all items of this typeVacuum Pumping Systems

in Vacuum Pumps

MASS-VAC 340050, 8" POSI-TRAP Housing, NW-50 Connection:
  • Includes:
    • New MASS-VAC 8" POSI-TRAP Housing with NW50 (KF50) Connection (p/n 340050)
    • New PolyPro 5µm Filter Elements (p/n 400935). (Quantity to be confirmed, but likely 3 or 4 p/n 400935 elements.)
    • MV Products packaging and instructions.
  • All metal parts are 300 series Stainless Steel per spec sheet.
2 700.00

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