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in Microwave and RF Generators
Item ID: 168726

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ASTeX (MKS Instruments) AX2107 Microwave Generator 2.45GHz

  • ASTeX AX2107 700 Watt switching microwave power supply
  • Offered as a power supply only or as a microwave delivery subsystem equipped with magnetron head, cables, and selected waveguide goods.


Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Astex
Model AX2107
Description Microwave Power Supply
Rated Power Output 700 Watts
Frequency 2.45
Scale GHz
Panel Meters Digital
Other Information 
  • Selected ASTeX spares and compatible waveguide components are available.
  • Cline Innovations offers experience with ASTeX microwave technology and microwave plasma processing dating back to 1989.
Power Requirements 208 V     20.0 A     50/60 Hz     1¬†Phase
Condition Very Good