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Item ID: 168808

Offered 1 Offered at $ 1,925.00

Ferrotec Ferrofluidic Seal Feedthrough HS-2000-SLXSC

  • Ferrotec Ferrofluidic Seal Feedthrough Model HS-2000-SLXSC.
  • Part Number 50-103321, Revision N.
  • New in Original Box (still wrapped in factory packing materials).
  • The unit photographed in the open box has been sold, but shows how the remaining unit is packaged.  The remaining unit is still available in the factory-sealed box.  
  • The feedthrough will be double-boxed before shipment.
  • Note that Image #1 of 7 is a Ferrotec product image not taken by seller.
  • United States sales only, please.
Ferrotec Ferrofluidic Seal Feedthrough HS-2000-SLXSC
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Unit Price $ 1,925.00
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Ferrotec
Model HS-2000-SLXSC
Description Ferrotec Ferrofluidic Seal Feedthrough p/n 50-103321
Other Information 

Per the Ferrotec website, "The HS-2000-SLXSC vacuum rotary feedthrough uses Ferrotec's standard hydrocarbon-based ferrofluid, specifically optimized for introducing rotary motion with a magnetic liquid hermetic seal in most standard environments".

The HS-2000-SLXSC vacuum rotary feedthrough features a hollow shaft with cartridge seal mounting."  

See more details at the following Ferrotec link:

Condition New-Never Used